Hello and welcome to my Blog!

I have created this blog to share information and interesting bits about football – my biggest passion in life (at this point…).

I am also doing this Blog as a “personal enrichment project”, which is part of the personal learning plan of the 6th grade curriculum of my school.

We are supposed to develop a project that has to do with one of our favourite interests and that can help us grow because it is a personal learning experience.

And so I decided to create this Blog for kids around my age and older and to share with you tidbits and interesting facts about football and also about some of my other hobbies.

My Blog is certainly not as “serious” as those of many adults. But since I enjoy writing about my impressions, opinions and personal or other fun activities, a Blog seemed to be a good way to let the words flow out.

And as this is the very first time that I work on a Blog, I will need lots advice from you on how to improve it, so I’m ready to get your comments, opinions, proposals and well, criticisms as well … but don’t be too severe, ok!?

Now, jump right into the different subjects I am presenting here, and I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say!

And definitely, I’d be happy if you came back from time to time to read about new things I will be adding.

All the best for now,



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