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Ralph Calle-Schulz

ralph_avatar2Hey Guys! You have come to the right place if you are into football and music!

 Who am I? I am Ralph. I am 11 years old, and I guess I am just like the other kids of my age. I like playing with my friends; I am curious and have fun discovering and learning new things. I like singing, writing stories, playing the piano and practicing Vietnamese martial arts. But above all else, something has become my passion: I LOVE FOOTBALL!

 You would usually see me wearing soccer shirts of different teams with the names of my favourite players. I like to do comments about football and play on the internet to create my own teams and contract talented and famous player to make create my Ultimate Team. I like to learn everything I can about the players and their strengths.

 I am at home in Switzerland and live with my Mom and Dad. My bigger sister is at university in England, and we are big buddies. But now she is far away (well, not so far away, thanks to Snapchat…), but I have no time to get bored, because we have a cutie‑cat. Her name is Chicha. She doesn’t like to be grabbed and cuddled, but still she always looks for me to play.

 Now let me tell you how it all started… this passion for football.

 Let’s go back to 2010, Soccer World Cup in South Africa. My Dad was always watching the matches of the favourite and not so favourite teams, and to tell you the truth, sitting there with him, watching the ambiance in the stadiums, and cheering loudly for the great performances some of the teams showed, how the players danced with the ball to outwit their adversaries – well, I couldn’t help it and simply let myself fall under the spell of this great sport.

 I started collecting the famous Panini stickers to fill my World Cup album; then came the European League Championship and the European Championships – those followed so quickly one after the other back then, and I just got hooked and started playing soccer myself, outside behind the house on the grass, then did some outdoor and indoor soccer camps, and finally signed up for a local soccer club and started playing central defence.

 But then it happened that many a times, they made us shoot goals but we did not have a good goalkeepers, and so all of a sudden I found myself in the goal and made sure to defeat as many shots as possible ––  and that’s what I think I am best at now. Some trainers say I have talent, but I don’t really believe in that.

 I think many kids can be good goalkeepers, or players, if only they really give their best and stay focused on the “goal” of this great sport: team work, fair play and victory!

 Well, this is a little bit about me.

 I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

 And do come back for more news and infos, also about my other hobbies!

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