Hello and welcome to my Blog!

I have created this blog to share information and interesting bits about football – my biggest passion in life (at this point…).

I am also doing this Blog as a “personal enrichment project”, which is part of the personal learning plan of the 6th grade curriculum of my school.

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“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars 

My favorite song by Bruno Mars. It had so much meaning and emotion, which therefore made me feel what the singer was feeling.

“Writings on the Wall” by Sam Smith, from the film Spectre (James Bond)

I think Sam Smith is an amazing singer. His voice sounds so fragile and so good. It is unique! After watching the film “Spectre” and then listening to the song on the radio, I really got motivated to learn it. I had to adapt to the high-pitch when learning it through YouTube tutorials, and with a lot of effort, I finally managed to both play the melody on the piano and sing the song at the same time.

“Everything I do” by Bryan Adams

This is another song I like very much. The interpretation is quite difficult, similar to songs by Sam Smith: both artists have special voices as singers. It took me two months to learn the song on the piano and the lyrics.

“Purple Rain” by Prince 

It was mainly my Dad who influenced me to learn this song, since it was one of his favorites back in the days. Prince is a legend, and I therefore took the challenge to learn it.

“Imagine” by John Lennon

I like John Lennon because he is a legend of the Beatles and a good person who expresses his songs with peace and love.


Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

This is new version in 2015, but when I was 9 years I sang for the first time in a Church in Versoix-Geneva..

“Ven a mi casa esta Navidad” by Luis Aguile

I learned to sing in Spanish. In Christmas was the first the opportunity to sing this nice melody.


“All of me” by John Legend

In 2013, I sang a duet with my older sister during a Fashion Show organized by our International School as a charity event. It was a nice event in a beautiful Hotel in Geneva.

“My favorite’s songs in 2012-2013”

Here, some favorite songs when I was 9 and 10 years old. I sang in German, French, English, Spanish and Russian.

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EURO 2016 IS FINALLY HERE! And boy am I exited for this year massive event. Many new teams have passed to the EUROs this year. In this video, I will be explaining my thoughts and my prediction of the group stages. Many of you would disagree with some of my predictions, and to all of the ones that do, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below for your thoughts. And like always enjoy the video:)


Una historia que escribí: “Dias Oscuros”: Black Bandana” (Version en Español)


Soy un niño de 11 años de edad que le gusta imaginar y crear historias como muchos otros niños. Hasta hace muy poco, yo era un gran fan de los superhéroes…y bueno, todavía sigo siéndolo, y sobre todo me gustaba leer las historietas de ellos y ver películas de Batman, Superman, Hulk, Linterna Verde, los Cuatro Fantásticos, y así sucesivamente.

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Christian Karembeu

Christian Karembeu is a retired French international footballer and the current Strategic Advisor of Olympiacos F.C.



Thomas Helmer

Thomas Helmer spent most of his club career with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München – appearing in nearly 400 Bundesliga games in 15 seasons – and won the European Championship in 1996


Bixente Lizarazu

Bixente Lizarazu is a retired French footballer who played both for F.C. Bordeaux and F.C. Bayern München, among other teams. He also played 97 caps for the French national team.



Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is a French young professional footballer, who plays for the Italian Club Juventus Turin and for the French senior national team.paulpaul2









Andoni Zubizarreta

Andoni Zubizarreta is a Spanish retired footballer, who played as a goalkeeper throughout his entire career.


Michel Pont

Michel Pont has been working with the Swiss national team since 2001 as Assistant Coach to Ottmar Hitzfeld, coach of the Swiss national team.



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Germany National Team


After to see many games and tactical measures of the Germany National team I allow myself to give my opinion how players could improve their talents in different scheme of game; it was interesting for me to make this commentary because I saw how smart was the German Coach playing in the world cup of Brazil changing schemes for different matches.

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Michel Pont


Michel Pont has been working with the Swiss national team since 2001 as Assistant Coach to Ottmar Hitzfeld, coach of the Swiss national team. Because players in the Swiss national team are French- and German-language speaking, Ottmar Hitzfeld and Michael Pont had to resolve the language barrier. Usually, there is a lot of pressure when you speak to players before or during a match, so full understanding is key, and Michel Pont was the right man to lead with Ottmar Hitzfeld to lead the Swiss national team to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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Footballers Who Are Known For Their Charity -old


Football players are seen as people who are addicted to the reputation and to the money, assiduous to holidays and celebrations. And it is possible that some are like that. Nevertheless, there are many players who dedicate their time to giving humanitarian services; they do work in charities, help associations and promote peace, respect and union without importance of race, religion, social condition or any other exclusive thing. The honorary goes to these players. This list does not contain all of the players, but all that are on the list are truly solidary players.

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