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World Cup 2014

brasil2014Brasil vs Crotia
Cameroom vs México

Hi All, these are some videos of commentaries I’ve done of the World Cup 2014, except for one. I first filmed this commentary on 15 June 2014, when the World Cup had just started. I explained the few matches that played on 12 June. The first match, which was the opening game of the World Cup 2014, was Brazil vs. Croatia. The opening goal of the World Cup was surprisingly an own goal. It happened in the 11th minute – a quite good rolling centre by the Croatian Olic entered the danger area and accidently caught the defender Brazilian Marcelo’s–foot, which rolled the ball into the net. But soon after that, in the 29th minute, Neymar (BR) received the ball from Luis Gustavo (BR) and he just ran through two Croatian defenders and hit the ball into the bottom right corner. The ball hit the post and jumped in the net. In the 71st minute, the Brazilian Fred took the ball at his foot into the penalty box, and as he turned around, he realized a defender was coming at him so as he put his body, Lovren (the Croatian defender) bumped into him, and Fred (BR) hit the grass. The penalty was converted into a goal, but the penalty was definitely not well taken by Neymar. As he shot the ball, the ball went right next to the Croatian goalkeeper Pletikosa, who unfortunately let it go through his hands as he dived. In the 90th minute plus one minute additional time, Oscar took advantage of all the Croatians giving up and with the tip of his toe; he smashed the ball into the net! And that was the end of the game: 3-1 for Brazil! A great start with many questions for the World Cup, don’t you think?

The next game, which was played on 13 June, was Mexico vs. Cameroon. What was very unusual in that game was that the referee and the assistants were fired after the game. And you are probably wondering why – well, you will find out soon enough! That game was played in Natal (a city in Brazil) at 6:00 p.m.. Nothing really happened until a goal from Mexican player Giovanni Dos Santos, but he was “APPARENTLY” on offside. And soon again, the same Giovanni Dos Santos scored a goal, but he was again “APPARENTLY” on offside. But finally, in the 61st minute, the Mexican Oribe Peralta got the ball and smashed it into the net, and the Cameroon goalkeeper Itandje was not able to stop it. Cameroon tried really hard to catch the equalizer, but unfortunately for them, the game ended 1-0 for Mexico. Now, the reason that the Colombian referee and his assistants were fired, was because the goals that Giovanni scored (which were awarded offside), were far from the offside limit. And if at the end of the game, Mexico had won 3-0, they would have been first of the group at the place of Brazil according to goal-difference. That’s how sometimes; games turn out when some important people make the wrong decisions. Happens in the blink of the eye.

So now, if you want to know about the other World Cup matches, I invite you to watch the videos below…

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